Brennan love-eyeballing the crap out of Booth in Season 9



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We have like an eye contact thing…..

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"We look at each other, we gotta tap in. We gotta do this thing." "We have like an eye contact thing. We just know…"

Emily and David | Comic-Con 2014 Panel

I’ll say it again. I have a great co-star, the best. She’s just phenomenal.

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"Describe each other in three adjectives.” - SDCC Bones Panel 2014 (x)

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'Bones' Panel at Comic-Con

❝I don’t know if that answered your question, but…we talked, so.❞
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gen719 Emily and David have made a theme song for the fan question segment.

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"Describe each other in three adjectives."
  • Boreanaz: “Tempestuous. Beautiful. Sensual. Strong. Independent.”
  • Deschanel: “Spontaneous. Fun. Crazy. Talented. Handsome. Sexy. Hot. Great instincts.”

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❝Deschanel is asked to do her “nerdy” Brennan laugh, and Deschanel notes it might be her real laugh. So he laughs.❞



I just want one request.

One episode

No scripts

Just David and Emily saying whatever they both want

just like they do here

Can you imagine the beautiful mess that would be?

30 Day Castle MemeDay Twenty → Favourite Beckett Expression: the look

"Please don’t tell me after four years you don’t actually know the look."